Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

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At Stockbridge Flooring we can supply and fit a whole range of sophisticated and attractive laminate floors to suit your home. The benefits of laminate flooring are numerous but the main advantages are the ease of installation and durability. Laminate floors are a cheaper alternative to engineered wood floor but are also incredibly hard wearing.

Laminate flooring is constructed of a core board made of compressed fibres which provides impact resistance and stability. The stain resistant top layer is extremely durable and resilient to scratches. In addition, it is very easy to maintain and clean. The bottom layer of a laminate floor is reinforced for structural stability and is moisture resistant. Installation of laminate floors is straightforward and quick. There is a click system so everything fits together without the need for nails or glue.

Laminate is ideal for floors with a lot of traffic. There are different grades of laminate strengths for domestic and commercial floors which Stockbridge Flooring can advise you on. Alongside the sheer strength and durability of laminate, woodpecker laminate floors come with a warranty of 25 years, making laminate flooring a superb option.

Stockbridge Flooring uses established names such as Woodpecker who are the leading manufacturers of quality laminate floors.

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Mark provided a brilliant service, my floors are completely transformed and at a reasonable price. His team were tidy and efficient. I would definitely recommend them. First-class service I rang Mark after reading the reviews on Google and he was round at my house within the hour! How’s that for service. We got a couple of other quotes and Mark’s was very competitive but what really impressed was his friendliness and knowledge. We always try and use local tradesman and Mark and his team were based just around the corner. We actually went on holiday and just let the guys get on with it. By the time we came back, we couldn’t believe the finish on our floorboards. The repairs were of the highest quality and overall we were thoroughly delighted. A friend used another company and wasn’t at all happy with the finish when compared to ours. We’ll definitely use them again for another place. Fantastic job! We had our living room and hall floors sanded and it looks fantastic. The damaged floorboards were replaced and all holes filled. We went away for a few days and left the team to it. We came home to a surprisingly clean house. Mark and his team obviously made a big effort to clean up. I would not hesitate to recommend Stockbridge Flooring. Thanks again.

Denise, Morningside

Denise, Morningside

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