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Founded in Sweden in 1857, Kährs is known internationally for its innovative and beautiful engineered wood floors. Kährs engineered floors are considered to be eco-friendly versatile and stylish flooring material.

Kährs have a wood knowledge that ensures that the quality and durability of their products is second to none.

At Stockbridge Flooring we can assist you in choosing from a wide range of Kährs products. We can advise on all aspects of installation, board type and finish.

In addition to an exceptional range of engineered boards, Kährs also has an impressive range of luxury vinyl tiles.  The tiles look like wood or stone and provide exceptional durability and easy maintenance.

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Would highly recommend them! thanks again

Why do you think Stockbridge Flooring is best ever? Share a tip.fantastic job and 1st class service.! my herringbone floor was badly scratched and dull all round with some parts needing replaced. They sourced the missing flooring that others informed me they could not get. The floor was then sanded and lacquered to an extremely high standard which I am delighted with! The finish is second to none! Mark and his team at Stockbridge Flooring had my furniture removed for me by a local storage company and brought back 2 days later. (which was good advice as nothing was in the way and could get dusty) .They started on Thursday morning and the whole process took 2 days to finish and I was back to normal by Friday evening! Thank you to Mark and his team and would highly recommend them! thanks again.

Jen Cunningham

Jen Cunningham

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