Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

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Stockbridge Flooring of Edinburgh specialises in solid or hardwood floors which are stunningly beautiful, durable and stylish. We have an exciting range of hardwood floors for you to choose from so you can find just the right type of wood for your home. A solid hardwood floor will always give a room character and sophistication and by installing with Stockbridge Flooring, you are investing in a floor that will survive for decades.

Hardwood floors are constructed from planks of wood milled from a single piece of timber. The thickness, width and length of solid wood flooring can vary depending on the species of the timber. Because of the quality and thickness of solid wood floors, they can be sanded and refinished to reveal the beauty of the wood grain if the floor begins to look tired.

Solid wood floors are an excellent choice for anyone who values an environmentally friendly flooring option. Our timber is sourced from companies who take an active and responsible approach to managing woodland. Hardwood floors are also a super thermal insulator, helping to regulate the humidity in a room which in turn creates a better indoor air quality.

At Stockbridge Flooring we take great pride in delivering a superior quality of service and professionalism. Our experienced craftsmen will take the greatest of care in installing your solid hardwood floor.

The range of suppliers we use is second to none.

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Trans-formative After finally deciding to repaint the hall, we asked around - Stockbridge Flooring - complete lucky dip but reassuring site in the Yellow Pages-to see if floor sanding was a sensible option. Straightforward advice. Straightforward estimate. Great service with totally trans-formative result. Excellent expert job by knowledgeable folk who worked hard and gave us a new beautiful warm focus to our home. Thank you - very well recommended. Anybody - come and look!



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